“You Must Survive is created by the multi-artist Aske Jonatan Kreilgaard. Through live music, dramaturgy, personal storytelling, and dialogue, it has led nearly 100,000 people over the past few years out into the world and deep into a young man’s desperate search for meaning and love. The story has been supported by the European Commission and has been performed in theaters, churches, elementary schools, continuation schools, high schools, universities, and private companies across the country. It addresses universal themes such as gender and sexuality, bullying, hitchhiking, economic and emotional independence, survival, mental health, art, family, masculinity, the refugee crisis, hope, and forgiveness.

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Agape, masculine vulnerability, and how to turn a shitstorm into a lovestorm.

This impactful lecture, inspired by the viral sculpture of acclaimed multi-artist Aske Jonatan Kreilgaard, explores themes of unconditional love, masculine vulnerability, and the transformative power of positive energy. Kreilgaard’s sculpture has captivated global audiences, sparking widespread conversation. The lecture begins with an engaging presentation of the sculpture, detailing its design, materials, and artistic inspiration. Attendees will learn how the sculpture went viral and resonated deeply worldwide. Focusing on masculine vulnerability, Kreilgaard shares personal reflections on his emotional journey and artistic process, highlighting stories of men finding strength in vulnerability. The lecture also examines global reactions to the sculpture, offering strategies to transform negative reactions (“shitstorms”) into positive dialogue (“lovestorms”).


Unlocking Your Story: A Personal Storytelling Workshop with Aske Jonatan Kreilgaard

Join acclaimed multi-artist Aske Jonatan Kreilgaard for a transformative workshop that helps you discover and share your personal story. Learn to craft your own “TED Talk” style presentation, enhancing self-awareness and storytelling skills with interactive sessions, individual exercises, and group activities, culminating in a showcase where you present your story.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Discover the power of personal narratives.
  • Explore and identify key moments in your life.
  • Craft a compelling story with expert guidance.
  • Master the art of engaging presentations.
  • Gain confidence in public speaking.

Create Your Own Bronze Rings and Small Sculptures Workshop

Join us for a hands-on sculpture workshop where you can design and create your own unique bronze rings and small sculptures. Guided by experienced artists, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the art of bronze casting and bring your creative visions to life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Introduction to bronze casting techniques.
  • Designing and shaping your own ring or small sculpture.
  • Wax carving and mold-making processes.
  • Pouring and finishing bronze pieces.
  • Polishing and final touches to create a stunning finished product.