Aske Jonatan Kreilgaard (b. 1992) is an multi-artist, activist and lecturer currently relevant in the media with the artwork AGAPE (2022), which can be visited on KØN – Gender Museum Denmark until July 2022. In 2021, Kreilgaard had his screenplay and director debut in the experimental art film PRIMA MATERIA (2021), which will premiere during 2022. In addition to his artistic work, Kreilgaard is the social entrepreneur of, among others, the NGO Refugee Youth Service for unaccompanied children in the former refugee camp in Calais – an organization that now works transnationally in Europe to ensure the rights of unaccompanied children. Kreilgaard’s lecture ‘You must survive’, which is based on Kreilgaard’s experiences in Calais, currently tours between the Denmarks cultural and educational institutions.

On this webpage you will find information about Aske Jonatan Kreilgaard’s latest and former works of art, his humanistic work, TedxTalk, media coverage and press contact.